Monday, 2 November 2015

IPL 2016 will Rock This Year with Two New Teams

I guess, You know this?


IPL 2016 will be having two New Teams, because CSK and RR have been suspended for 2 Years, which means two spots are empty to make this tournament a 8 team.

So, BCCI has decided to get two new franchises by using a unique bidding system.

So, What will be the criteria of this? Let's take a look.

IPL 2016: Will these new teams Play just for 2 Years?

For Now, It has said, that it is fr only 2 years and then CSK and RR will come back, but it will be seen, of these two teams do well, both on field and off field by attracting a lot of audience and money.Then, there will be full chances of IPL becoming a 10 Team tournament, which will not be a bad thing for fans. If you want to know, more about this, then our main site has lot available about IPL 2016.

What will happen to the players of CSK and RR?

Well, everyone has this question in their mind, specially who hardcore fans of CSK and RR.

So, here is the answer.

10 of the top players from Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals Will go into draft and two new teams will pick 5 each and the rest pf players will go into auction, which means anytime will have the opportunity to pick those players, but new teams will have greater chances, because they will have more budget.

So, this will be concept of IPL 2016. Now, if you still have nay confusion in your mind, regarding teams of Indian premiere League 2016, then ask via comments.